Youth Conference

Each year, Camborne Regeneration Forum proudly hosts a Youth Conference for young people from Camborne primary and secondary schools. Topics we have covered at previous conferences have been wide ranging and inspiring – including, Fairtrade, Youth Democracy, Staying Safe and Citizenship! We have also been fortunate to have had Terry Waite, CBE as a keynote speaker at the Citizenship conference a couple of years ago, which was a tremendous opportunity for the young people and the adults who attended!

This year, our theme is “Respecting the past…..looking to the future” and there will be talks from business, entrepreneurs, iconic industrial heritage experts and future business leaders from aerospace, world heritage site to sustainable business practices.

It is taking place in the Council Chamber at New County Hall on Friday 12th October 2018, from 9:30am – 2:00pm.

If anyone would like to attend, please make contact with organiser, Charlotte Caldwell on or Tel: 07805 860511

This is a great opportunity to help inspire the youth of today – the employees of tomorrow! Get involved and make a difference.

Camborne Youth Conference 2017 press release