CPR Food Bank

CPR Foodbank is an independant food bank.

Anybody struggling to feed themselves, their family and pets can get help. A foodbank voucher will provide you with food for a week; in addition to this we can give toiletries and pet food.

  • Benefit delays’ refer to people not receiving benefits to which they are entitled on time, this category can also include problems with processing new claims, or any other time lags in people receiving their welfare payments.
  • Benefit changes refers to the problems resulting from a change in people’s welfare payments, for example, people having their benefits stopped whilst they are reassessed. This can also include a sanction.
  • ‘Low income’ refers to anyone who is struggling to get by on a low income. This could be people in work, or people on benefits, for whom a small crisis e.g. boiler breaking down or having to buy school uniform etc, can be enough to mean that they cannot afford food.

To find out more information on how to get a food voucher, donate food or help volunteer, visit the CPR Foodbank website.