2018 Camborne Youth Conference

Respecting the past, looking to the future

Despite the awful weather, pupils from Weeth, St Meriodocs, Penponds and Rosemellin junior schools had a great day at County Hall engaging in Camborne Regeneration Forum’s 5th annual Youth Conference.

Alan Butterfiels, chairman of Camborne Regeneration Forum, introduced the Conference.

Ivor Corkell, from Camborne Old Cornwall Society, gave a presentation entitled ‘Nothing is for ever’, talking about & showing pictures of Camborne’s heritage.
Miles Carden, Director of the Spaceport project at Newquay Airport showed us the exciting future for space travel from Newquay.
Don Gardner, of Transformation CPR, spoke about Food bank in our area & Chrissie Barrett, the West Cornwall Community Safety Officer, outlined actions from the Safer Camborne project.
Emily McCoy, from Fairtrade HQ, showed us the role that Fairtrade plays in helping producers in the poorer countries have a fair deal from the goods that they produce. Camborne is a very successful Fairtrade town – one of only two in Cornwall.

Richard Williams, retired chief lawyer at Cornwall Council, chaired a debate with questions from the pupils, which were far reaching as they didn’t hold back with their thoughts on the past & future for Camborne.

2018 Camborne Youth Conference
2018 Camborne Youth Conference

Thanks to Charlotte Caldwell, Community Link Officer for Camborne & secretary of Camborne Regeneration Forum, for arranging & chairing the annual Youth Conference – to find out more contact Charlotte Caldwell on email charlotte.caldwell@cornwall.gov.uk 



Fairtrade Camborne Youth Award

Camborne Regeneration Forum, with support through Community Chest funding from Cornwall Councillors Jeff Collins and Dave Biggs, has instituted a new annual award. It is called the ’Fairtrade Camborne Youth Award’. It will be presented annually to the school or youth group that has done the most to support Fairtrade in Camborne.

St John’s Catholic Primary School is the first recipient of the Fairtrade Youth Award 2018 for our work to support Fairtrade. Mr Brian Terry from Camborne Regeneration Forum presented the Fairtrade steering group with a cup for the year and a trophy to keep, with a cheque for £125.00.

St Johns Catholic School, Camborne

Since becoming a Fairtrade school in 2014, we have reached the highest Fairtrade level to be a Fair achiever school. Fairtrade work includes:

• Delivering a presentation at the Fairtrade birthday event in Truro
• Fairtrade tuck shops twice a year
• Participating in Fairtrade Fortnight
• Hosting Fairtrade coffee afternoons annually
• Attending Camborne Youth Citizenship events, including hosting this one year welcoming children of cocoa farmers from Ghana, members of the Fairtrade Foundation and other local schools
• Contributing to Truro Diocese Methodist Fellowship publications and exhibitions

This year, the school have already raised £360 for Fairtrade!



Fairtrade Camborne!

Photo: Promoting Fairtrade in Commercial Square, Camborne

Camborne is one of around only 500 Fairtrade Towns in the World and stands beside Falmouth that is the only other Fairtrade Town in Cornwall. We are also within the Fairtrade Diocese of Truro and the Fairtrade Methodist Fellowship of Cornwall.

To become a Fairtrade Town we first needed the backing of the Town Council which passed a resolution supporting Fairtrade in 2011. Camborne Council has supported Fairtrade ever since and has gone on to win an award for running a Fairtrade Office. Churches Together in the Town fully supports Fairtrade as does Camborne Regeneration Forum, BID Camborne, and a number of retail businesses, hotels and cafes.

We achieved Fairtrade Town status in 2011 and successfully renewed a year later. We have then renewed the status every two years. We are now starting our 6th year as a Fairtrade Town. A number of businesses have received South West Fairtrade Business Awards along the way. St. John’s RC Primary School is particularly worthy of note as they have reached the highest level of Fairtrade School – ‘Fairtrade Achiever’.

To be a Fairtrade retailer all you need to do is sell a minimum of 5 things which are Fairtrade. This can be anything from craft items, through clothes to food, including sweets. A Fairtrade office would offer Fairtrade refreshments to its staff/clients e.g. tea, coffee and sugar. A Fairtrade restaurant needs to serve a minimum of three Fairtrade items, usually tea, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate. If you want to be listed as a Fairtrade Camborne supporter, and your business/organisation meets the criteria, then email Brian Terry (Fairtrade Co-ordinator) at goterrrydev@aol.com.


Survey shows four out of five people think recycling is important

Four out of five people in Cornwall think recycling household rubbish is very important according to the results of a survey published today by Cornwall Council.

Last December Cornwall Council conducted a survey to better understand what people think about recycling, their attitudes to food waste and what would help people to recycle more.

The survey saw 4,404 responses from across Cornwall and from a mix of housing types. The survey was complemented by three focus groups which explored key issues more deeply. The survey can be viewed here