CRF Constitution

A brief outline of the Camborne Regeneration Forum constitution is below – a full copy can be downloaded here

1 : 1 The organisation shall be known as Camborne Regeneration Forum

2. Aims
2 : 1 To Assist, support and further the regeneration of the Parish of Camborne.

3. Powers
3 : 1 Camborne Regeneration Forum shall have the power to raise funds and embark upon any lawful activities, involving other local groups as may be necessary to fulfill its aims.

4. Membership
4 : 1 Membership shall be available to all people and organisations regardless of their age, race, sex, religion, disabilities or beliefs, who reside, work or have direct interest in Camborne. For this purpose the Camborne Town Council’s extensive data base of individuals and organisations shall be used.

4 : 2 A Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting by members present.

4 : 3 A management Committee of no more then 19 members will be elected at the A.G.M. The Committee to include: –

The Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer
The Mayor of Camborne.
2 members of Cornwall Council
2 members of Camborne Town Council
1 member of Camborne Chamber of Commerce
2 pupils of Camborne Science and Community College
6 members representing the residents and voluntary groups of Camborne 1 member from the Fairtrade & Transition Town group

4 : 4 The Committee shall have the power to co-opt as and when appropriate additional non-voting members to address specific tasks that may arise.

4 : 5 All members of the Committee will have an equal right to vote and decisions will be taken by simple majority. If the votes are equal the Chairman shall have a second casting vote.

4 : 6 The Committee shall have the services of non voting advisors from the following organisations: –

Cornwall Council – Public Realm Works Planning Kerrier Area Localism & Economy Kerrier Area
T.H.i. Camborne Parish
Camborne Town Council – The Town Clerk. Community Network Manager Cornwall Council C.P.R./Cornwall Development Company

4 : 7 Decisions upon membership shall be made by the Committee, whose decision shall be final. The Committee will have the right to terminate membership of any individual or group if, in its opinion, it is in the best interests of the Camborne Regeneration Forum.

4 : 8 Camborne Town Council shall act as the Secretariat/administrator of this Committee and shall provide a Minute Secretary for the recording of all meetings.