About Us

The Camborne Regeneration Forum consists of local partner organisations such as the Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the school, the Regeneration Company and local representatives of the community.

In June 2004 a comprehensive report by Kate Newell was published for the Historic Environment Service , entitled “The Historic Characterisation for Regeneration” (HES REPORT NO. 2004R040). Produced as part of the Cornwall and Scilly Urban Survey project (CSUS) The report identified key themes for Camborne and reccommended the allocation of significant resources for development and recognised that:

” There is a need for an overall strategy and central information point.”

Since 2004 Camborne has certainly seen the allocation of resources and evidence of progress towards regeneration, but the need for focused stategies and a central information point still exists and considering the current economic cllmate, continuing this development will require even more reliance on such resources.

The Camborne Regeneration Forum exists to fulfill such a need and this website endeavours to provide the Forum with the means to achieve this aim.