Camborne Regeneration Forum Youth Conference, October 2019

“Healthy Place, Mind & Body”

George Le Hunte, Vice Chairman of Camborne Regeneration Forum, opened the 6th annual Youth Conference to pupils from Camborne schools in the Council Chamber at County Hall.

Three inspirational speakers engaged with the children making it a very interactive event.

Delia Webb, from the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition, spoke about ‘Keeping our Environment Healthy’ & showed many examples of all the plastic material that is washed up on our beaches. But 70% of the plastic waste sinks to the bottom of the sea. 1,582 containers fall off cargo ships every year & the content spreads around the oceans. The coalition picked up 60,00 plastic bottle tops from beaches around Cornwall in just 4 months. These are just a few of the frightening statistics of how we are polluting our planet. Delia asked us all to do our bit to reduce plastic waste – do not buy it – re-use it – recycle it. For more information, go to the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition on social media

Steve Cowburn, founder of the ‘Invictus Trust’, talked about ‘Keeping Your Mind Healthy’ & how the Invictus Trust charity has opened the first mental health hospital for young people in Cornwall – in memory of his son Ben, who tragically died from mental health problems. The Trust supports & offers services to local teenagers who are suffering from poor mental health & associated issues. To learn more, go to www,

Jodie Lynes spoke about the role of ‘Young Addaction’ in helping to ‘Keep your Body Healthy’ with the correct use of drugs & keeping away from illegal drugs that can damage you in mind & body. Young Addaction provides high quality, effective and safe community based specialist substance misuse treatment services to children and young people aged between 11 and 18. They provide targeted harm reduction sessions in secondary schools and colleges across Cornwall. To find out more go to

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fairtrade, on October 4th all of St Johns school pupils dressed up in shirts & hats the colours of the Fairtrade logo. The head girl & head boy were presented with the Camborne Regeneration Forum annual Fairtrade Trophy.

George Le Hunte said ‘Yet again, this was an amazing conference at which the adults, as well as the children, learnt a lot about the problems that we are creating & how we can all do much more to make our minds, bodies & our environment a lot healthier’.

Thanks to Richard Williams who chaired the Youth Conference & to Charlotte Caldwell, Community Link Officer for Camborne & secretary of Camborne Regeneration Forum, for organising the annual Camborne Youth Conference.